Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cynthia Sax - Tattooed Tryst

The next book in the series,  Alien Tryst releases May 7th

When a tattooed stranger strides into the diner and gazes at Lori with his flame infused eyes, she realizes he’s someone special. Something special.

There are tall, gorgeous aliens hidden among us, aliens armed with big guns and burning kisses, aliens taking what they want and whom they want, melting resistance with firm lips and rough, calloused touches. Aliens with fascinating tattoos…

Trake takes one look at the waitress serving up coffee and sultry smiles and knows she’ll be his. With military precision, he begins his passionate assault, using every weapon in his sexual arsenal to seduce Lori. Time is limited. He leaves Earth in nine days and his human mate can’t make the difficult journey. This is his sole chance at the ecstasy of bonding.

He will not fail.

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Sorcha Black - The Dom with the Kink Monsters Release Party

The Dom with the Kink Monsters Release Party

The Kink Monsters need a drummer and Cobalt Harbor is fresh out – that is, until Ramsay moves into town with his girl, Saya. Tall, dommy and charismatic, Ramsay’s exactly what Winter and Mack have been looking for.

But the new couple complicates things. Winter and Mack’s loving, S&M dynamic gets sidetracked by their attraction to Ramsay and his sub. Proximity, BDSM and animal attraction throw the band into seething sexual chaos.

As though things weren’t complicated enough, sudden popularity and a new deal-breaker tangle the relationship into a mess that none of them know how to unravel.

Warning: Explicit sexual content, dubious consent, M/m, F/f, M/f/f/m, BDSM, knife play, anal play/intercourse.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pets Rock Giveaway!

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Fool For Books Blog Hop!

Fool for Books Giveaway/Blog Hop hosted by Iam A Reader, Not A Writer

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Breaking All the Rules by Cynthia Sax | Avon Romance

Breaking All the Rules by Cynthia Sax | Avon Romance | avonromance.com

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