Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jabberwocky! Disney Has Hit with Alice in Wonderland

I got to see the press screening of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland this past Thursday at the El Capitan.  All I can say is I don’t want to live in Pandora, I want to live in Wonderland!  To me this movie is much better than Avatar on so many levels.  Truth be told, I didn’t like Avatar at all, I know, I’m the lone voice of dissent on that one.

This trailer doesn’t do the movie justice but it’s all I’ve got to show you.  I can’t wait to see it at an IMAX.  Movie comes out March 5.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Berkeley Webcast/Podcast of Courses

Snagged from philosphybites

You can download full courses, some in mp3 and some are video files.  Here is the 2009 Fall semester list, to change years use the dropdown, right hand side of the page.  Philosophy, science, psychology, etc.

Valentine's Day Facts: Gifts, History, and Love Science

National Geographic has a great write-up on Valentines Day.

Rest at the site

Where did Valentine's Day come from? (Think naked Romans, paganism, and whips.) What does it cost? And why do we fall for it, year after year? Read on.

Valentine's Day History: Roman Roots

More than a Hallmark holiday, Valentine's Day, like Halloween, is rooted in pagan partying. (See "Halloween Facts: Costumes, History, Urban Legends, More.")

The lovers' holiday traces its roots to raucous annual Roman festivals where men stripped naked, grabbed goat- or dog-skin whips, and spanked young maidens in hopes of increasing their fertility, said classics professor Noel Lenski of the University of Colorado at Boulder.