Sunday, April 12, 2009

LA Times Festival of Books


The LA Times Festival of Books is coming up April 25th and 26th.  Tickets are free and go “on sale” April 19th. 

Saturday I really want to see Gore Vidal but he’s at Ackerman Grand Ballroom and it conflicts with Religion: The God Question which is at Korn Convocation Hall – I guess I’ll figure out which one I’ll go to when I get there.  The panel for The God Question is William Lobdell (who I’ve discussed here and here) author of Loosing My Religion, Chris Hedges author of I Don’t Believe in Atheists and Rabbi David Wolpe author of several books including Why Faith Matters which he wrote with none other than the lying money grubbing preacher Rick Warren with Zach Karabell moderating (oh joy).

Sunday I will probably go see the Michael J. Fox interview.

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