Friday, March 27, 2009

“Hi my name is Devin…”

I heard a little voice say to me as I was leaving the Albertson’s near my house last night.  I looked down to see the cutest little boy with big brown eyes and dimples staring up at me.

“I’m selling discount cards would you like to buy one?  The money goes to help my school Lutheran Elementary.” 

Oops, Devin you had me until you said Lutheran Elementary.

“What is Lutheran Elementary?”  I asked.  “It’s where I go to school.”  he replied.  “And what do you learn there?”  I asked.  “We learn about God and Jesus and math, things like that.” 

Before I could ask the question what had  he been taught about god he was quickly whisked away by what I can only assume was his parent.  “Do you want to buy a card or not?” the man asked quite abruptly.

Of course my reply was Not.

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